Converting Idea to Prototype to Solution

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” - Bruce Lee

Working Prototype Builder


To shape an idea into an invention, the most essential step is the first one, which is to build a prototype. With Eras you can model your software, be it a web, mobile or enterprise application; and then extend the prototype to be a full-fledged system.

eras prototype

What Eras provides?

As you build wireframes in the Eras platform the backend actions are automatically generated for them. So as you design a form, the save action to store the record from the form into a database starts working right-away (without doing any programming). Further while the solution is being developed on eras platform you do not have to wait for the developers to complete the backend before you can see anything. As the platform automatically generates functional user interfaces there is hardly any time between what you visualize and what you see working. This also allows you to communicate your vision more efficiently with your team, as instead of a large functional requirement document that is hard to comprehend, you can actually show a working model.

Besides automatically creating functionalities such as creating, updating, deleting and viewing records, the platform also provides advanced functionalities like import, export, file upload / download, etc. Further the automatically generated functional user interfaces works on different types of devices including mobiles, tablets and personal computers with different resolutions.

How to get started?

All it needs to start designing working prototypes on eras is an elementary understanding of object oriented concept and how it is applied through entities, relations and actions in Eras platform. However the approach is applied at a much higher level not in isolation for programming but for assembling building blocks that becomes parts of a software solution.

Register your domain at Eras and configure solution, entities and relation to store information.

The Eras platform is designed to be intuitive so you can start building your prototype by registering your domain at Eras and following the Eras System and Solutions guide, which explains about the different building blocks available in the Eras service platform.